Don’t Let Shumlin Back Down on his Word, “Close VY!”

On Dec. 18 I wrote my Reps. & Senators on VY being closed on time and that I had concerns Gov. Shumlin would back out on his WORD to close it. I only got one reply, from a senator saying that he wouldn’t change his position on closing VT yankee but made no comment about Shumlin.

Here is a wrap up of the controversy by Terri Hallenbeck on the Burlington free press political Blog from Oct 29: There was a meeting a little over a month ago in Sen. Dick Mazza’s Colchester garage. You might have heard about it in the last couple days because the blog Vermont Tiger published an anonymous account of the meeting.

In that account, Tiger publisher Geoff Norman says this unidentified attendee told him Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Shumlin said he would support the continued operation of Vermont Yankee if the nuclear power plant were sold to trustworthy new owners, offered Vermont utilities a good rate for power and the plant was deemed safe.

Now that he has been sworn in under oath we need to press him to fulfill his promise to Vermonters. You can take all the following actions! Print the PDF petition and get your friends and relatives to sign.

Ask Gov. Shumlin if he will close the plant even with new owners and a new cheap energy contract –

PDF Petition –

another PDF –

e-petition –

Green Peace e-petition –

More action here –

and here –

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