Monsanto Growing the Epidemic of Food Insecurity

The United Nations estimates that 75% of the world’s crop genetic diversity has been lost as farmers have abandoned native seed for the cheaper or subsidized Genetically Engineered varieties offered by corporations such as Monsanto.

A few article synopses with Links on the subject of our Global Food Security:

An article in The Nation: Blackwater’s Black Ops, by Jeremy Scahill revealed that Blackwater (now called Xe Services) had been hired by the multi-national bio-tech firm, Monsanto to be their Intelligence Arm. Blackwater offered to provide infiltration of activist groups and organizing that apposed or otherwise where in the way of Monsanto.

An article posted Feb 14th by Robert Wagner, exposes Monsanto infiltration of NOFA-VT’s Annual Winter Conference, via Tom Vilsack (a keynote speaker at the conference), who is the present US Secretary of Agriculture and formally a Monsanto insider, lobbyist & litigator. Apparently Tom was working along Senator Sanders office to censor the conference. “The allowed questions had to be submitted in advance, and any mention of Monsanto or the recent sharp increase in federal regulation, were censored.” Fortunately no engagement of the Blackwater mercenaries was needed to quell the organic farmers.

In another article by La Via Campesina Posted on Sep. 14 it was revealed that in August of 2010 the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto for just over $23 million. It goes on to show The foundations substantial prior business history with Monsanto, even though Gates claims that it is simply an investment and they are not affiliates.

The recent articleUSDA Recommends “Coexistence” with Monsanto, by Ronnie Cummins, details some of the resent victories over Monsanto and the GE seeds fiasco. Then it follows up with an update on the USDA’s deal with Monsanto and other such companies to “harmonize” meaning: the creation of a compensation fund of “hush money” for the farms that their seeds contaminate.

As the drama unfolds we see all the various spheres of society merging in one Grand Plan… CONTROL.

We need our own Plan for 2011 and beyond: Plant BIG gardens, collect as many diverse organic seeds as you can, start a communal root cellar, inform yourself, your friends, your family and your neighbors, Unite and let your voices be herd! This is the Future of Humanity we are talking about, get motivated!

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