Looking Back on the Battle with S-510

From The Natural Solutions Foundation – Rima Report

While we ultimately may not have stopped this in the Congress, the law that was adopted is a different creature than we would have faced had we not opposed it every step of the way. Recall, the first version of the bill that passed the House in July ‘09 had severe penalties and no significant exemption for local production and distribution. The version that passed the Senate at the end of November 2010 not only had no such severe penalties, but did have a rather weak exemption for some local production and distribution.

It also did not have, as it might have, without our Push Back, two draconian bills that had been introduced in the Senate to prepare the way to add their terms to the final “food safety” bill; these were Sen. McCain’s discredited S.3002 which would have brought Dietary Supplements under even greater Federal control and the “criminalization of speech about food claims” bill, S.3767, introduced by the majority party “leadership” late in the session. The criminal penalty bill, while remaining a future risk, went nowhere, after over a hundred thousand messages of opposition. Opposition to McCain’s attempt to legislate Codex compliance was so great that he withdrew his own support from his own bill a month and a day after introducing it in February 2010. And the final bill adopted today has a stronger local food exemption, with an inflation escalation clause, so the exemption may become meaningful, depending on how the final regulations are written…..

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Thank you all,

Maj Gen Bert Stubblebine (US Army ret), President
Rima E. Laibow MD, Medical Director
Ralph Fucetola JD, Counsel
Natural Solutions Foundation Trustees



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