US House of The Lame Ostrage Session

Our food will be signed to be Modernized as early as today by the President. The Lame House Session lived up to their title yesterday, the day, marking the return of light, The Winter Solstice. Over 70 of the House members didn’t show  up to vote! Lame they are indeed, because this is some of the most important legislation of the year, HR 3082. HR 3082 Appropriations Act has buried in it, S-510, the food modernization Act. Bundling bills that aren’t truly relevant to each other, should not be an acceptable means to define our laws. What is the percentage of US people that know about this Act and understand the implications of it? My guess is less than 1%. If we were evolving a “transparent” system of governance why would I be able to compare our legislative process, to that of trying to follow the little red ball under a magicians sliding cups? The bill passed 215 to 144, with the missing members of the house it could have gone the other way, isn’t this their job?  Here is a brief summary to understand that it was a legislative magic trick (link):

“The federal food bureaucracy needs to get smarter and better coordinated, not more omnipotent,” said Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.).The proposal survived filibuster threats in the Senate, constitutional confusion and tensions between big agricultural companies and the burgeoning local food movement.The setbacks repeatedly sent the bill back to both chambers, where new challenges arose. In the end, the House voted on it three times and the Senate twice.  WA. Post

This is what our news should be covering. I haven’t heard one word about this bill in our corporate media. Don’t we deserve to know what shenanigans are being pulled in OUR House of Representatives? How can they even represent us, when we don’t know what is happening?

It will be Ok, why? Because the Cosmic Reality does not do business this way, and as we evolve to understand our True nature, which is LOVE, this type of hypocrisy will be extinct. It is a deep rabbit hole to find the origins and beginnings of this situation we are in, don’t feel it is important to find it in our history, instead look within yourself and the answers are there. This is self-resolution, this is the Global resolution. Our inner-conflicts are the true origin. As un-rational as it may sound, you will find it to be the Truth. Our ego’s don’t want to take responsibility, and rationalizes it away, “It’s them, I had nothing to do with this.” Breathe deep, Live your Life with Love and Forgive!

– VT4Evolution

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