Plumb: Wind towers are “out of scale”

by George Plumb of Washington.

Utility-scale wind is not a suitable alternative electricity generation option for Vermont for a variety of reasons but one extremely important one that hasn’t been discussed. The wind towers are out of scale with what we value in Vermont. While we may enjoy visiting the big cities we are always delighted to return because we cherish our local and small scale working landscape, our relatively small communities with their modest population, and the scenic natural environment where we spend so much time.

Industrial wind towers are huge. They are 400’ tall! They are not of human scale. The tallest buildings in Vermont in our most densely populated cities are only 125’ tall. Many who have had even a small number of wind towers go up in their area are very unhappy with the results.

Instead of massive wind towers that are out of scale let’s develop incentives for locally owned and installed solar options. I have put in an AllSun Tracker system and couldn’t be happier with the fact that although it is relatively large as solar panels go it is still of a scale that doesn’t dominate the landscape.

Comment by Barb – I had to spend a lot of time researching and thinking about the proposed windtowers in the NEK and those underway there before I came up with the same conclusion…People don’t have a real sense of the size and ancillary environmental disruption of these towers and what it takes to build them. However, private alternatives are far too expensive for the average Vermonter to install without massive incentives, towns are begging for tax relief and wind companies promise bribes, er, payments, and Vermont Yankee is massively unpopular.

Comment by Steve – Can anyone tell me why Vermont would–in its right mind–blast away significant portions of the Green Mountains in order to hustle up a few electrons? On the other hand, small, local and community-based wind facilities are a possibility. Combined with other sources in measured quantities–along with an aggressive efficiency effort

full article – VT Digger


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