Energy Descent Not Human Descent

To all those who are publishing that Over Population is an issues concerning “Global Climate Change”. You are gravely mistaken in  what you preach or believe in. With your charts and numbers,  pointing your finger to the East. I know, a reasonable human being  would research the facts and use their own reasoning to determine this for them-selves… as the implications, if incorrect, are serious.

– Vt4Evolution

Dissecting ‘overpopulation’ numbers

by Ian Angus

Population growth rates do not correspond to CO2 emissions. In fact, there’s a negative correlation. Broadly speaking, the countries with the highest per capita emissions are those whose population is growing most slowly or even declining, while the countries with the lowest emissions have the highest growth rates.

In fact, in most G20 countries the birth rate is at or below replacement level. If it weren’t for immigration, their total population would be falling. According to some estimates, by the end of this century the population of Italy (excluding immigration) will fall by 86%, Spain will decline 85%, Germany 83% and Greece 74%. [8]

Only three G20 countries (Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and India) have fertility rates that are clearly above replacement level, and even they are growing far more slowly than the 19 lowest emitting countries.

If we were to adopt the usual populationist correlation=causation stance, we’d have to conclude that high emissions cause low population growth, or that high population growth causes low emissions. Of course that’s absurd: both emissions levels and population growth are shaped by other social and economic causes.

The real conclusion is, that there’s something seriously wrong with the more people equals more emissions argument, and something even more wrong with the idea that Third World birth control will slow global warming.

Do your own research….PLEASE!

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