UPDATE S-510 Modernizing our Food

It is interesting to watch The US government in action. Considering the history of this food safety act now HR 3082 formally Bill S-510 and formally still HR 2749… I guess the elected officials are fans of DR. Suess, “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

This website gives a good over view of the movement…far and wide of this Bill. It will be signed by Obama before Christ’s Mass 2010, they say. The sweeping measures of this bill can not be under estimated. WHY? To understand just look at who is appointed to enforce the Act  “rule of law”. YES! The DOD. Ok now I feel safe. Plant a potato and give it to your neighbor and you could be violating this act. Collect the seeds from a Non-GMO vegetable you might be accused of endangering public health. Ok I admit this sounds very far fetched and we have Organizations making sure that our rights aren’t abused and that these acts won’t infringe on our small farms, Right? They even got the Tester/Hagan small farm exemption attached to the final bill, isn’t that good?…. As I informed you before, (link) bills are open to interpretation, this bill is to be interpreted by the FDA. I would not say they have a good track record in looking out for the safety of the public. Money rules and who has the money makes the rules. This means Monsanto and other Mega corporations. Control of seed? The independent farmers have been fighting to control Monsanto’s invasive GMO seeds from taking over their own for over a decade. Many times the farmers where forced to dump their own seed because of contamination, this is a huge loss with additional fines for ‘possessing’ monsanto’s patented GMO. If you don’t know about this issue, watch “The Future of Food”  and “Food Inc.” get informed and stock up on organic and heirloom seeds. This is yet another U.S. War, this time its over your food. Write your Reps. and let them know you disapprove. Peace and power to the people to control their sustenance! – VT4Evolution

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