Write your Reps. Let your voice be heard.

I sent this message to My Senators and Representatives:

Greetings Senators and Representatives,

I am writing you in regards to Vermont Yankee being decommissioned on time in 2012. As you are well aware, this is a very large issue for Vermonters. In watching the news recently with Gov. Shumlin’s visit to power plant, I sensed he is starting to back pedal on his stance. Entergy could sell the plant, and the new owners could offer us a low-cost energy contract. With the state of the economy, it would be an easy out for The Governor to say, we don’t have any other choice. These are big powers we are dealing with, there is no doubt. They won’t go just because we the Vermont public say, we believe nuclear power is obsolete. Though this is fact, the majority of Vermonters believe it is not clean, nor green, nor in our best interest and want it to close. Vermont is known for being a innovator and trendsetter in many fields, lets continue, we have amazing minds and energy experts. Sustainable solutions are every where now, it is more a matter of cutting the red tape to let us use them. One example right in our area, Lincoln. When the town tried to get permission for a micro-hydro plant, we couldn’t. This is where your work comes in. I hope you will represent the people and let the Governor know we want solutions that will last and wont poison generations to come. Thank you for your time and service to the people.
First Reply :

I don’t believe that Mr Shumlin will back pedal on VY.  He’s being less strident about it, as becomes a governor, I guess. Re renewables:  your issue is one we’re still dealing with.  It seems that coming up with good ideas is a lot easier than getting a permit.  In many ways, it makes sense that not all projects are suitable due to their effect on other natural resources.  You’re right however, in the idea that the state could do much better in customer service and promotion of new sources of energy. I hope that our new secretary of natural resources and a new administration will make a big difference.


Senator Claire Ayer

Find your Representatives – http://www.leg.state.vt.us/legdir/findmember3.cfm

and their e-mails – http://www.leg.state.vt.us/legdir/legdir2.htm

VY Alternatives and info – http://www.nukebusters.org/index.php/learn-more-reader/items/what-happens-when-the-entergy-nuclear-vermont-yankee-plant-closes-in-2012.html


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