Gov.-elect Shumlin visits Vermont Yankee

Vermont Gov.-elect Peter Shumlin– flanked by a huge entourage of his staff and Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant personnel– took a private tour of the plant Friday. The purpose– to discuss radioactive tritium that was discovered leaking into the ground at the plant and to talk about what’s being done to get rid of it.

“We are just here to have a tour of the plant and to talk about my hope that we can turn the pumps back on that have been pumping the tritium and other nuclear substances out of the ground and shipping them out of state,” Shumlin said. “The more that we pump the better off for the health and safety of Vermonters.”

“I have made clear that the plant was designed to run until 2012 and in my judgment that is when it should be retired,” he said. “But really I am focusing now on the challenges we have with the tritium and other nuclear isotopes that are in the ground.”

Yankee officials, on the other hand, say they plan to keep operating the power plant for another 20 years.

“We are moving forward with our plans at the federal level to get a new license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and to seek approval from the Vermont Legislature and a certificate of public good from the Public Service Board,” Smith said.

But Yankee faces an uphill battle to get a license extension. The Legislature is still democratically controlled, so the votes are not likely there. But supporters hope a new owner at the plant and a new, low-price power agreement might stop lawmakers from pulling the plug.

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