Shumlin to tour Yankee plant and demand answers on extraction

by Anne Galloway on December 16, 2010

New report criticizes Entergy’s monitoring of drinking water wellGov.-elect Peter Shumlin will get a private tour of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant Friday, and it won’t be just a routine visit to the facility.

Shumlin is meeting with Michael Colomb, site vice president for Vermont Yankee, to determine whether Shumlin’s request made in writing last week – that the plant continue to extract radioactive water from the soil – will be honored.

Last week, the governor-elect sent a letter to Colomb and the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, asking that Entergy Corp. continue to remove tritiated water from the soil through extraction pumps to prevent tritium from further contaminating an abandoned drinking
water well on the Yankee compound that penetrates the bedrock.

full article –

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