USDA Officials Tour Vermont Dairy Farm’s Anaerobic Digester

USDA Officials Tour Vermont Dairy Farm’s Anaerobic Digester
Technology Converts Waste Material into Electricity; Offers Numerous Environmental Benefits-Funding Available from USDA Nationwide
NORTH TROY, Vt., Oct. 8, 2010–A team of USDA officials today visited a North Troy dairy farm that is using an innovative technology to convert farm waste products, such as manure, into electricity. The project was funded with assistance from USDA.
“Anaerobic digesters like the one here at Chaput Family Farms will benefit our environment as well as America’s dairy farmers, who can profit from the production and sale of this renewable energy source,” said Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) State Conservationist Vicky Drew. “In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the collection of methane, the digester will also reduce energy needed to produce and haul bedding to the farm by recycling the manure onsite into a dry bedding material for the cows, creating a closed-loop system.”

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