VT Yank. Nuclear articles

Nuclear Plant Still Lobbying For New License


Monday, 10/04/10 6:06am


Shot down once, the owners of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant continue pushing for a second vote by state lawmakers for a license extension that would let the plant stay open past 2012.

But the owners have been less active than expected in donating to legislative candidates who might help them this year. Instead, they are pouring money into TV, radio and newspaper advertising, lobbying lawmakers and civic groups and supporting plant workers who stand to lose their jobs if it closes.

Vermont is the only state that has given itself the power to turn thumbs down to a re-licensing. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission typically has that authority.

Located in Vernon, along the banks of the Connecticut River, Vermont Yankee opened in 1972. It produces 650 megawatts of power an hour, half of which stays in Vermont, the rest going to other New England states.

Russian group visits Vt. to discuss decommissioning


South Royalton, Vermont – October 4, 2010

A group of Russian nuclear experts is paying a visit to Vermont this week to learn about decommissioning.

The Russian team of scientists, regulators and activists want to find out how state regulators, the government, industry and community groups work together in the decommissioning process.

This trip, hosted by anti-nuclear group New England Coalition, comes as Russia’s delegation works to develop plans for decommissioning their country’s older nuclear plants. Russian officials will meet with anti-nuclear groups and visit the Vermont Law School to meet with faculty and students in the school’s environment and energy programs.

The Russian delegation will not be meeting with officials at Vermont Yankee. The Vernon plant is at odds with regulators and lawmakers over whether it’s setting aside enough money to pay for its decommissioning.

The Russian group will also visit Massachusetts on this trip.

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