Vermont finds out about slavery in real life!

Released Ghana slave Mercy was one of the guest speakers at special night at Tuesdays Church. The night was held to raise awareness of the problem of slavery. Mercy and Faustina talked about the program that lead to Mercy’s release and the vocational program provided by international aid agency – International Needs.

Over 25 people listened to the inspirational stories of these courageous women. The money raised on the night will support the release and training of the women in small home-based industries, like bread making and dress making, and vulnerable children by funding schools. Faustina is the Principal of one of the schools. Attached is a photo of Mercy, Glenda Farmer (Tuesdays Church co-ordinator), Faustina and Ian Neil (International Needs).

Tuesdays Church meets regularly in the meeting room of Sportlink, 2 Hanover Rd, Vermont South from 7.30pm – 8.30pm on a Tuesday; anyone is welcome.

More information is available by calling Glenda on 0412 401715 or visiting the website

link –

One thought on “Vermont finds out about slavery in real life!

  1. wow – thats heavy. thanks for the post abt this important issue coming up here in VT for discussion and bearing witness to modern day slavery.

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