Water Activist, and former U.N Water Advisor, Maude Barlow came to Vermont

Well, folks, Maude sure was great. In case you didn’t catch it – water activist, author, and former U.N water Advisor, Maude Barlow came to Vermont last week, and before a near-packed house, she laid out heart-wrenching and chilling stories of water challenges across the globe – but she also brought warmth, humor and hope. 

Maude Barlow spoke of children dying of diarrhea, and of mothers going thirsty so their own children had enough to drink.  She also talked of an increase, in the coming years, of water “refugees” across the globe, including within the United States.

But she also noted that the U.N. – the day before she came to Vermont – had taken a positive step, declaring access to clean water and sanitation a human right.  And she congratulated Vermont lawmakers for recently designating groundwater as a public trust resource and offered kudos to VNRC for working hard to lay the groundwork for that critical legislative action that will ensure there is water for everyone in Vermont in the future.

Click here to see some pictures of the evening with Maude Barlow. Are you in one of the pictures? Do you know anyone in the pictures?

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