Vermont Resort Cuts Carbon Footprint with ‘Cow Power’

The Equinox resort will eliminate about 212 metric tonnes of carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions through its partnership with theCentral Vermont Public Service’s “Cow Power” program, which promotes the development of renewable energy in Vermont generated from cow manure.

As the only large resort in Vermont to be a part of CVPS Cow Power program, both the Equinox’s 1811 House and Cottage will be powered by cow manure. The cows will be located at a local farm and the electricity will be imported by the resort as needed for electricity requirements.

One cow’s waste can produce enough electricity to light two 100-watt light bulbs 24 hours a day. It will take approximately 62 cows to meet the electricity needs of these two Inns of The Equinox.

(full article)


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