The ObamaCare tax on your existence

McClaughry: The ObamaCare tax on your existence

ObamaCare mandates that by 2014 almost every American must prove to the IRS
that he or she is enrolled in a government-approved health plan. Absent that
proof, the IRS will hound the luckless citizen for a "penalty" of 2.5 percent of
his or her income (by 2016), or $695 a year, whichever is greater.

Evslin: The end of the age of incentives

Whether you think government incentives are essential to guiding private
choices, think that they are a complete waste of time and often misguided, or
are somewhere in the middle, it’s time to consider life with less incentives.
Without government incentives, people and businesses are probably just going to
do what makes economic sense to them. That won’t be all bad.

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