Fresh Air Fund helps children venture out of New York City


Thursday, July 1st 2010

Sincere Hyatt has no idea what to expect during his next two weeks in Vermont. Really.

He knows he’ll go rock-climbing and hiking because his host family told him so. He likes animals. What kind would he like to see?

“A giraffe,” he says, smiling.

The seven-year-old from South Jamaica, Queens, has never left New York City. That’s why his mom, Yuri Hyatt, is letting him board a bus without her and go stay with Julie and John Belnaus in their lakeside home, courtesy of the Fresh Air Fund.

“I want him to get out and experience new things and new people,” said Hyatt, 28.

Sincere, a doe-eyed boy with long braids and a bright red baseball cap, usually spends his summers racing bikes and playing video games with friends.

Sincere Hyatt, 7, of Queens, is one of 180 New York City children who is spending time with a host family in another state thanks to the Fresh Air Fund.

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