VT Energy Atlas

If you haven’t seen the VT Energy Atlas Web site it is worth a surf. You will have to install the new Flash software, if you don’t have it. This modular, user friendly website is pleasing to the eye, fast for its complexity and comes with a users guide introduction. This is a leading example of the types of resources the information age has to offer for our transition to a sustainable future… As long as these resources are used with an ethical application for both public and industrial sectors, they will be one of the greatest tools in our tool box. As the saying goes, “a dull tool is more dangerous than a sharp one.” In this case the sharpening stone to hone this tool is, as I said, Ethics. Ecological Ethics, in particular. This means that our GOAL to meet human needs (Energy sourcing) is no more significant than our GOAL to maintaining the health and integrity of the ecosystem involved and effected from this energy sourcing. Check it out! The link is embedded above. – VT4Evolution

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