VT Legislature for Food and Energy Sustainability

The Bill S.295  was introduced to the public by The Burlington Free Press in this Sundays June 13th Article. (Except)  The Agricultural Development Board was formed to better coordinate rapidly expanding regional and statewide innovations, and to promote them more widely. Last year, for instance, the Farm-to-Plate Investment Program directed the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and others to develop a 10-year strategic plan to strengthen the state’s farm and food sector.

It’s a work in progress, and the new board has been tasked to provide continuity between administrations. It’s also charged with spelling out and organizing connections between producers, processors, distributors, educators, investors, marketing people, clean-water advocates and long-range planners.

Representatives from all aspects of the industry will be on the board.

The bill had broad support in the Legislature and from the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

The measure also eliminates the position of deputy commissioner for agricultural development and replaces it with a nonappointed Agricultural Development Director…

Grubinger said that initiative’s focus on identifying “obstacles and opportunities” in farming would work in symbiosis with UVM’s Food System Spire (and 50 faculty and staff members). Farm-to-Plate also allocates funding in competitive grants to nonprofit farmers’ markets that are ready to expand storage, marketing and distribution networks.

The article also outlines how other bills complement S.295; The Jobs Bill S.288, The Compost Bill H.614  and The Energy Bill H.781 

full article –



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