Ben Falk: HOMESTEAD SECURITY – When the Ecofads Fade, Ditch the Carbon Footprint Calculator and Pick up a Shovel

Submitted by Rob Williams on Mon, 04/26/2010 – VT Commons

2010: a few decades into the Green Dream.  Sometime in the latter half of the 20th century, upwardly mobile, socially conscious, academically educated professionals – those who could afford to – began to drive the commercialization of products and services that were healthier, less cruel, and more conserving of natural and cultural resources. The intent behind this movement was, and is, well-meaning….

Thus, despite these movements, the scope of human destruction continues to rapidly expand into the 21st century with:

•    Greenhouse emissions of nations ratifying the Kyoto Protocol still on the rapid increase;
•    Tropical rainforest deforestation accelerating;
•    Nuclear-waste production increasing;
•    Species extinction accelerating;
•    Climate changes happening faster than at any other time in human history;
•    Resource-related warfare on the rise, with concomitant waste in money, energy, and lives;
•    Overall biospheric toxicity increasing faster than any other time in the Holocene Period, and probably for quite some time previous.

Exodus from consumer society

Sometime in the 21st century the systems that had concentrated wealth in the hands of the few – the same systems that had become the most dominant social-organizing systems on the planet – began to disintegrate. A few generations of accumulating instability from the system’s sheer scale and depth of injustice finally overwhelmed its capacity to contain its own fallout.

What if the same cultural process that stimulated the social-justice and green causes coalesced into a massive force and began to replace a consumer society with a society of producers based in decentralized, egalitarian, human-scaled, smaller units of organization?

This shift is beginning to happen, starting from the home scale and working outward, to the neighborhood, village, city, and region. It’s what the Transition Town movement represents…..

Ask yourself what actions you can take to harness this transition away from a consumer society that belittles your own humanity to an organizing force that fosters individual empowerment

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