Burlinton Freepress – VT Dairy Summit


Dairy farmers throughout New England and New York met in a waterfront hotel in Burlington Tuesday with a clear goal: eliminate the volatility in the dairy industry that caused a collapse in milk prices last year. The goal might be simply stated, but the solutions are complex, starting with what to call the plan that aims to limit how much milk could be sold by individual farms. http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20100331/NEWS02/100330020/1009/RSS01/Vermont-dairy-summit-talks-of-milk-production-limits


 “As someone who has been dairy farming going on 34 years, with the last eight years farming organically, Vermont’s dairy farmers received only $12.06 cwt for their milk in 2009, whereas in 1979 they got $12.09 cwt. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who is being ripped off. That by itself should explain everything as to what is going on in the corrupt and failed milk pricing system that Vermont dairy farmers operate under. We are not getting our share of the pie.” – lyle52

“Farming is a states right and right of the people. Vermont Constitution section 61: As all persons of full age, to preserve their INDEPENDENCE (if without sufficient estate) ought to have some profession, calling, trade, or FARM, whereby they may honestly subsist,.. Leahy has been taking his own state down the road in the wrong direction, he has not obeyed the Vermont Constitution. None of the United States Constitution’s enumerated powers provide Congress power to interfere with FARMING. Committies like farming and education are not among congress’ powers. Keep those republicans and democrats running this country and the people will have nothing, law of the state and federal government has already reclassified people as a workforce, you are subservient to the corporations by law of the republcans and democrats.” – brueckner

“How about this. No price control, no taxpayer money for price control, no milk production control. Get the gov. out of it. If milk ends up $6.00 a gallon in the store so be it. Let the market work this out. Do we give handouts to carpenters? No.” – godcountry

“Bravo, more Gov control of markets….First you get the people (farmers) dependent on handouts…then you strictly control their production, income, assets… Ah, I love it when a plan comes together.” – jbtrevor

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